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2-Vol Cubical Quad Notes

new5.gif (1012 bytes) A Book of Books!
Antennas & Antenna Modeling: The Works
L. B. Cebik, W4RNL

17-Book Collection of LB Cebik's Books
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2-Vol LPDA Notes

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2-Vol Wide-Band
Yagi Notes

4-Volumes Antenna Modeling

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1-Vol 7 Steps to Designing Ham Equip
1-Vol Setting Up Your Own Ham Shack

1-Vol Moxon Rect Notes

1-Vol Long Beam Yagi

Planar & Corner Reflector Arrays

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Ground-Plane Notes

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Long-Wire Notes

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L.B. Cebik, W4RNL

A Treasure for any Library
Expert information from a Guru
right at your fingertips!

Some of LB Cebik's Best Books in a Single Collection

  • 5000 Pages
  • 1000s of Illustrations
  • 1000+ Computer Models
  • 100s of Program Listings
If Purchased separately (click links below for info):
Cubical Quad Notes: Volume 1 $26.95
Cubical Quad Notes: Volume 2 $26.95
LPDA Notes: Volume 1 $26.95
LPDA Notes: Volume 2 $26.95
Wide-Band Yagi Notes: Volume 1 $26.95
Wide-Band Yagi Notes: Volume 2 $26.95
Moxon Rectangle Notes $26.95
Antenna Modeling: Volume 1 $26.95
Antenna Modeling: Volume 2 $26.95
Antenna Modeling: Volume 3 $26.95
Antenna Modeling: Volume 4 $26.95
Long-Boom Yagi Studies $28.95
Planar-Corner-Reflector Notes $26.95
Ground-Plane Notes $27.95
Long-Wire Notes $26.95
7 Steps to Designing Your Own Ham Equip $24.95
Setting Up and Using Your Own Ham Shack $24.95
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Book of Books Special Price $342.95

t.jpg (1020 bytes)his collection contains all of the antenna books written by L. B. Cebik, W4RNL, and published by antenneX. It is a handy reference and an inexpensive way to own works focused in depth on many types of antennas, and yet written for the working radio amateur. As well, the collection includes 4 volumes of notes on antenna modeling with NEC and MININEC. The volumes included on the CD-ROM include:

  • Cubical Quad Notes: Volumes 1 and 2

  • LPDA Notes: Volumes 1 and 2

  • Wide-Band Yagi Notes: Volumes 1 and 2

  • Moxon Rectangle Notes

  • Antenna Modeling: Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4

  • Long-Boom Yagi Studies

  • Planar-Corner Reflector Notes

  • Ground-Plane Notes

  • Long-Wire Notes

As a bonus, the collection includes 2 of Cebik's older books from about 1980. Although circuit details and equipment capabilities have evolved, the fundamental principles of effective and ergonomic station layout and of design thought from conception to testing have not changed.

  • Seven Steps to Designing Your Own Ham Equipment

  • Setting Up and Using Your Own Ham Shack

Each volume uses plain language for easy comprehension, with extensive illustrations. All volumes use the PDF format for easy on-screen reading and for high-quality printing of selected pages. The CD-ROM is self-starting on most computers.

About the Author:
Considered an expert on antennas, L. B. has published ~30+ books by antenneX, with works on antennas for both the beginner and the advanced student. Among his books are a basic tutorial in the use of NEC antenna modeling software and compilations of his many shorter pieces. His articles have appeared in virtually every amateur radio publication, with translations of some into several languages. Retired Professor from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, LB is Technical & Educational Advisor to the ARRL and Technical Editor for antenneX.

With 17 books of antenna and antenna modeling information, this collection is an indispensable reference for antenna builders. Antennas and Antenna Modeling: The Works also makes a handsome gift for anyone interested in the practical dimensions of the art and science of antenna design and analysis.

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