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o_15.jpg (1786 bytes)ur latest volume on DVD No. 28 contains 2,080 great antenna and radio-related articles complete with thousands of illustrations, including diagrams, schematics and photographs — even some streaming audio & video for your reading, construction and eXperimenting pleasure. It includes a wide variety of antenna and radio-related subjects from all of the past online issues through and including the June 2013 Online Issue #194.

This DVD is one of the best reference sources available on the planet — second only to our Online Version that continues to grow in new content each month by authors from 25+ countries.

A regular CD-ROM player cannot read a DVD. You must have a device that can read DVDs. The DVD is a good choice for convenience (and enough space for the content) and all 2,080 articles can be searched for an item of interest from the single disk.

Our articles are written by some of the finest and brightest engineers, scientists, academics and experimenters from around the world — contributing authors from more than 25+ countries. It is truly an International Magazine!

Just load the DVD in your computer DVD player (AutoPlay feature enabled on Windows) and start viewing similar content just as seen on the popular web site of antenneX at

So, if you had rather view offline, or don’t have a connection to the Internet, or it's too costly, enjoy the same learning experience as the many thousands of others from 217 countries.

Even if you are a subscriber, with this DVD, you can avoid the hassle of saving to a hard drive and organizing your files. It's organized on the disk almost identically to the online version. So, if you are a subscriber, you'll already know how to browse the disk — and if you own a disk, you'll be right at home reading on the online version too should you become a subscriber.

Plus, A Bonus of Useful Software on the CD

A wealth of utility programs & models well-worth the price of the CD alone.
These and more....

26 NEC2 & NEC4 Antenna Design Modeling files
NEC Equation-Based Antenna Models
32 GWBasic Antenna Utilities
5 Visual Basic Script Antenna Utilities
Magnetic Loop & Mobile Antenna Design Utilities
MicroVert Antenna Design Models
Fractal Antenna NEC-2 Models
MathCAD Antenna Models
Transmission Line Programs
Stub Matching Programs
PI-, T- & L-Network Design Programs

....and many others!

The DVD can be read on any system with an Internet browser that reads PDF and HTML pages with graphics. Adobe Reader is a free download for viewing the PDFs. Thus, if your computer's operating system is reading this page, it can read our disk, e.g., Win3x/Win9x/2000/XP/VISTA,Win7-8, MAC, Linux, UNIX, etc.

== And These 2,080 Articles on DVD ==
Library = 828 + 1,252 in Archives=
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== Library of New Issues plus 13 Archives ==

In the June 2013 LIBRARY of New Issues - 828 Articles

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The Library

Including these new Feature Articles for month of June 2013
Math, Modeling, Matching and Myths of J-Poles - Part 1

Practical Antennas - A Series
NewcomerNotes: A Series
Homebrew Antenna Tuner
Coaxial line 3 way junctions
Notes on Modeling Antenna Elements

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Jack L. Stone
Publisher & Author

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L.B. Cebik (SK)
Author & Technical Editor

....and these popular columns

Ant. Modeling Ham WorkShop From the Shack Propagation Stone's Throw!
And the Thirteen (13) Archives of Past Issues - 1,252 Articles

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Archive II

Archive III

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