The antenneX CFA Series
The First World-Wide Published Series
The Claims of an Amazing Antenna Concept!

cfa_ad.jpg (21631 bytes)cfa_t_ad.gif (1130 bytes)his series of articles introduces a completely new concept in antenna theory. In fact, many say this is the most important development relative to antennas in this century. It is so pervasive that a series of articles are required to cover the concept and its applications to the depth and extent it deserves. This is the first major publication about the Crossed-Field Antenna (CFA) and probably the most inclusive collection of articles anywhere in the world! Most articles are written by the co-inventors, Dr. Kabbary of Egypt, Maurice Hately, GM3HAT, and Dr. Stewart, MM1DVD of Scotland, so you get first-hand information in this series.

What is different about the CFA? As an example, a CFA only 21 feet (6.5 m) tall, located at Tanta in the center of Egypt, provides AM broadcast service at 1.16 MHz (258 Meters) to millions of people from Cairo north to the coast. Certified measurements provide evidence that this small CFA produces a radiated signal almost 6 dB stronger than the previous 1/4 wavelength vertical broadcast tower which was 211 feet (65 Meters) tall. To express the performance a different way >> with the tall tower, a 100,000 watt transmitter was required for the desired coverage. With the miniature CFA the same coverage was attained with the transmitter power reduced to 30,000 watts.

You've heard about it, now you can read about it in this separate unique collection of CFA articles available only here! Here's an index of the 15 articles included, with seven about construction:

The CFA - Part I ~ The Math Theory CFA Theory vs Conventional Theory
The CFA - Part II ~ Wire vs CFA Tour of Dr. Kabbary's CFA Stations
The CFA - Part III ~ The Barrel Shaped Stefano's CFA Experiments
The CFA - Part IV ~ The Ground Plane On the Air with a CFA
How to Build a CFA for 75/80 Meters Four Egyptian MW Broadcast CFAs
CFA Construction Guide for 75/80 Meters The CFA Adventures of Tom Cox KA5NEE
The Care & Feeding of the CFA Hakån's CFA Project Tour
Alternate CFA Matching Stay Tuned for more.....!

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