amod2_ad.jpg (15781 bytes)Antenna Models - 2nd Edition
Compiled by L.B. Cebik, W4RNL

~ 2nd Edition now over 800 models!
(Includes 1st Edition)

amod2_a.jpg (2391 bytes) few years back, I made available over 400 models from my personal collection of non-commercial antennas. Both the response to those models and the elapsed time since their release has suggested that a new and expanded edition is in order. The new edition aims to be more useful to users in at least two major ways.

1. The number of categories has shrunk by one, since 10-meter antenna models are now distributed throughout the other categories. However, each of the 7 categories of antennas has doubled in size. There are from 100 to 140 models in each set. The total number of models in the complete collection is over 800, with no more than about 10% maximum overlap among sets. (For example, I could not have a Yagi set without a wire beam for 75 meters, which also must be in the wire-array collection.)

2. The first edition used a code for filenames to hold them within the old 8-character limit. The 2nd edition uses long filenames to more fully describe the antenna type, variation, frequency of use, and--if known--the designer. You will still have to work your way through some abbreviations in the compacted filenames, but these names will give you a better clue as to what you are likely to see.

Here is a list of each of the 7 new categories now available - with a link to more info on each set:

Qty. Models

Collection Titles (click for more info)

102 HF Yagis
130 Quad Antennas
111 LPDAs
108 Verticals
103 Wire Arrays
103 Phased Arrays
144 VHF-UHF Antennas
800+ Entire Collection
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As with the first edition, each collection comes in two forms: a set in EZNEC (.EZ) format and the same set in generic NEC (.NEC) format. Virtually all programs besides the entry-level EZNEC can read the generic NEC ASCII text format file. However, I have added to the collection a few files that are larger than the 500-segment entry-level EZNEC limit in order to provide a glimpse at some very large quads, adequately sized planar and corner reflectors, and very large radial systems.

Each collection comes in a zipped file package that breaks down into 3 main pieces:

1. An introductory note in Word (.doc) format,

2. A subdirectory (folder) of the EZNEC-format files,

3. A subdirectory (folder) of the generic NEC-format (.NEC) files.

You should unzip the files on your hard drive so that you can not only open the files, but revise them as well.

The model files are all products of my own modeling, even if the antenna has a named design source. I intend them only for study purposes and make no claim about the fitness of any model to serve as the basis for any particular physical antenna. In virtually all cases, you will have to modify a model to place it on your desired design frequency, to adapt it to the sizes of materials you will use, and to adjust it to special circumstances, such as directly connecting array elements to a metallic boom. Any application of the models is therefore the responsibility of the user, and not of the originator of these study models.

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