A New & Unique Propagation Program!
The Grayline Prediction Program
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The Grayline Prediction Program
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Developed By Marcel H. De Canck, ON5AU

A new and unique program dealing with the dynamic motions of propagation.

The Grayline Program was developed by our resident propagation expert and columnist, Marcel De Canck, ON5AU. Along with his now famous use of propagation animation wizards, one is able to follow the "grayline" as it progresses around the globe in live-like motion (note the grayline/grayzone in the above graphic). It's an amazing piece of work by Marcel and I for one am proud of the unique effort and endeavor for perfection evident in this program. antenneX takes on selective-only products to distribute and we have selected this one because we have known Marcel and his works in this field for many years and believe it is a most useful program for those interested in getting more from their signals. — Jack L. Stone, Publisher

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h.gif (1450 bytes)aving precise information of where to find the sunrise and sunset zones is a must for the eager DX chasing radio Hams. These zones have specified propagation properties and characteristics that lead to long distance communication possibilities with strong signal strength quality. It will be for sure a great help today’s time year 2006 with its low Sun activity period. The highest HF radioham bands are mostly closed now and for some coming years too. So, many Hams are more frequently using the lower HF bands and these bands are in good shape now at this period to make exciting DX contacts. Knowledge of the grayzone and dark hours locations worldwide is a must to succeed on these bands.

The Wizards Option

Clicking the Wizards Option opens the Grayzone Main Menu window. For 3 dates in a month (1 – 11 – 21) you find a button, which gives access to the chosen date hourly Wizard window screen. You have the opportunity to display 3456 different world maps showing the auroral ovals computed with SSN 75, A-index 5 and most important the grayzone at this date and time with one-quarter hour steps. From the hourly Wizard window screen it is possible to follow the grayzone locations in an animated way.

How to interpret the grayzone?

On the maps the grayzone is only shaded from sunset to 48 minutes after sunset: 48 minutes is equal to 12 degrees sun displacement. The worldwide grayzone maps were created with a special 3rd-party program and this program allows defining the end or the beginning of the grayzone in one direction only. So, it was decided that the –12 degrees input would be the best choice for this purpose. To imagine a line of 12 degrees ahead of the terminator line is clearly and easily done as  illustrated by the program.

The PDF Files Option

Clicking the PDF File option opens the Windows Explorer screen from where you can open 36 printable documents of every map contained on the CD-ROM.

The Tables Option

Clicking the Tables option opens the Windows Explorer screen from which you can open more than 800 printable sunrise-sunset time lists of worldwide locations pre-computed and available on the CD-ROM. These locations are subdivided in seven continental categories.

The Extra Programs Option

This CD-ROM also includes three other programs Marcel developed as useful utilities. You can install these programs via the Programs option. The manuals “how-to-use” are included in the installation process.

For example, with the extra supplied grayline program you can even compute daily sunrise-sunset times. You can know the times “on the minute” at every day of the year. This is most useful for the top band 160 meters, which is sensitive to a much smaller range of grayzone path openings than the 80- or 40-meter bands.

The Ham Clock Program
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Finding the local time at any selectable DXCC location is easy with the Ham Clock utility.

The Grid Locator Program
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The Grid Locator program computes any locator from latitude/longitude coordinates or the latitude/longitude coordinates from a given grid locator. This can be a handy tool to find out the coordinates of a specific locator to input and compute a sunrise-sunset time list.

Great Circle Calculator
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Path Azimuth and Distance: The final utility program in the suite is a great circle calculator, a program that we once saw only in BASIC and later in DOS. Marcel has updated the program, not only to provide bearings, but as well to calculate a considerable collection of other useful information. The program main screen shown in Fig. 10 for my location is not the default screen that appears on the program that you load from the CDROM into your hard drive. However, Marcel has told me that he will provide a comparable screen to anyone who has purchased the CDROM and contacts him directly. The customized screen has enough definition to let me estimate short-path bearings to a number of locations.

The CD-ROM also contains the full operating manuals needed for all part of the programs.

Easy to start using. The CD launches via autoplay on Windows, i.e., Win98+/WinME/Win2000/WinXP. It starts up automatically by displaying the Start window from where you can access the Menu Options.

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