hs_ad.jpg (19166 bytes)hs_adi.jpg (1313 bytes)f you're an amateur radio operator, you know that's it's hard to fully enjoy your hobby if you don't have a permanent and practical station setup…. Whether it's in a spare room, a corner of the recreation room, in a garage or shed, even a closet! Here's a unique handbook written for every ham who wants to know how to set up that home station-or a "shack" in ham jargon. The author, L.B. Cebik - W4RNL also suggest how to choose the equipment and layout of the shack that will give the most practical and enjoyable long-term use.

antenneX Online Magazine proudly introduces its re-publication of this book  by L.B. Cebik, Setting Up & Using Your Own HAM SHACK. LB has published over a dozen books and his articles have appeared in virtually every amateur radio publication, with translations of some into several languages. Retired Professor from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, LB is Technical & Educational Advisor to the ARRL. This 300-plus page book was first published in 1981 by TAB Books, Inc. Although some of the details of the equipment may have changed over the years, the principles of setting up and operating a Ham Shack remain sound.

Beginning with an intro to ham shacks, you'll get some basic info on space requirements-from size and shape and power requirements to safety and security considerations. You'll learn how to assess your operating needs based on the emission modes you intend to use. Then there's a thorough look at equipment specifications and features with tips on which items you should buy, and which you should build. There's plenty of advice on the design and construction of ham gear, including all kinds of homebrew possibilities. And there's plenty of helpful info on station accessories from mikes, speakers, and headphones to filters, computers, and telegraph keys and keyers-even paper aids like logs and checklists.

For the ham just getting started, there's advice on correct operating positions and tips on test equipment, incorporating a test bench in your shack, and how-to's for minimizing friction with family and neighbors-avoiding excessive interference with TV sets, for example. Plus, you'll get lots of helpful hints on routine shack maintenance, and sources for additional info on setting up the shack that's exactly right for your present and future needs!

Any amateur radio operator who's planning to set up or re-do a home station can be sure of finding the help needed in this comprehensive and invaluable guidebook!

This 304-page book contains more than 175 drawings and sketches to fully explain various points in designing a Ham Shack's layout for operating convenience while filled with the kind of equipment to meet your own custom needs. Below is a listing of the Table of Contents that shows the kinds of information packed into this handy book.



1 An Introduction to the Shack 7
2 The Room 14
3 Basic Operating Needs 36
4 Equipment Specifications and Features 58
5 Transmitter and Receiver Design 82
6 Home-Brew Design and Construction 110
7 Station Accessories 138
8 Antenna Systems 164
9 The Operating Position 195
10 Test Equipment 220
11 The Test Bench 248
12 The Construction Bench 268
13 A Look at the Whole Shack 283
14 Further Reading and Resources 291-303

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