ez_disk.jpg (16925 bytes)Basic Antenna Modeling
In .EZ Format
by L.B. Cebik, W4RNL

model_t.gif (1209 bytes)his disk contains all of the exercise files for Basic Antenna Modeling: A Hands-On Tutorial in .EZ format for use with EZNEC (DOS or later versions).  The book, a general introduction to modeling techniques with NEC-2 by L. B. Cebik, W4RNL, is available from us at:

The 330 exercise files for 150 antennas that accompany the book are in .NEC format, which would require manual conversion to the .EZ format. This disk does the conversion work for you! The exercise files include many different types of antennas of interest to amateur radio operators and others. They range from Yagis to phased arrays, from ground plane verticals to antennas with capacity hats, from lower HF thin wire arrays to long UHF beams. Hence, this disk can also serve as a basic collection of useful antenna models in the .EZ format. Here is a Table of Contents of the topics covered:

Basic Modeling & Model Testing

Common Modeling Techniques, Limitations, and Work-Arounds

Practical Antenna Modeling

~ NEC-2
~ Modeling Preparations
~ Basic Antenna Models
~ NEC Output Data
~ Careful Model Construction
~ Convergence Testing
~ Frequency Specification
~ Source Types and Placement
~ Tapered-Diameter Elements
~ Geometry Limitations
~ Grounds and Applications
~ Resistive Loads
~ Reactive Loads
~ Transmission Lines
~ Monopoles and Ground Planes
~ Vertically Polarized Antennas and Arrays
~ Bi-directional Wire Arrays
~ Yagis
~ Horizontal Parasitic and Phased Arrays
~ VHF/UHF Antennas
~ Special Structures

Plus APPENDIXSome Useful Data for Antenna Modelers


The Basic Antenna Models are available for immediate Download or on CD-ROM:


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