rules_ad.jpg (10754 bytes)The Rules of the Antenna Game
What You Must Know About HF Antennas - Second Edition
By Ted Hart, W5QJR

This book is crammed with facts that will definitely increase your understanding of how the antenna game is played -- no, not about regulations, but what Mother Nature says is okay!. Antennas for transmitting and receiving follow the same rules of Mother Nature who tells us what one can or cannot do. Ted has really laid down the rules in a manner that can easily be understood. You can quickly learn more about the factors that effect an antenna than is apparent from other antenna books. And, this book uses only enough simple math necessary to get the point across. Graphs and diagrams are used throughout to further clarify. Whether a novice or old hand, you will find something useful and of interest.

Antenna design and construction, communications theory, circuitry and propagation are discussed in a very comprehensive way for a Ham, SWL or CB operator alike.

You will find out how to customize your antennas to meet your desires most efficiently and inexpensively. For example, an efficient multi-band dipole installation is described, complete with parts list. This particular installation, among others, is detailed with dimensions for the amateur bands. The same formulas and information will enable you to set up this installation for SWL if so desired.

If you desire to increase the efficiency of your antenna system, this book belongs in your reference library. Whether you are a Ham, SWL or CB operator, the information applies equally to receiving as well as transmitting.

Here is a list of the contents:



Rule I All Antennas Radiate in Three Dimensions
Rule II Elevation Angle is the Most Important Aspect of the Antenna Pattern
Rule III Select the Desired Elevation Angle as First Step in Antenna Design
Rule IV Choose Vertical or Horizontal Polarization
Rule V The Height of the Antenna Above Ground is Critical
Rule VI Ground Must be Defined
Rule VII Multi-Frequency Antennas are a Poor Compromise
Rule VIII Physical Characteristics Control Radiation Characteristics
Rule IX All Antennas Must be Tuned and Matched
Rule X Losses Must be Minimized
Rule XI Summary of Steps to Good Communications

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