filecopy.gif (20385 bytes) I. Making a Permanent Copy of Articles
ust as with paper magazines, most likely you desire to have a permanent copy of the articles contained in your subscription, whether for new issues or back issue articles. Of course, you can opt to print the articles while viewing online, but the best way is to save the article and illustrations to your hard disk and then print later at your leisure.

smart.gif (7802 bytes)For those who find it difficult or troublesome to save a copy of the monthly issues to your hard disk, there is good news. The latest browser by Microsoft, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+ now has a really smart feature added. When you reach up to the file menu of the browser and click "Save as.." to save a copy of the text, it automatically saves each and every graphic as well! The graphics are placed in a subdirectory directly under the text file. So, you no longer need to first save the text file followed by right-clicking on each and every graphic to individually save those. Now when you load up the xxx.htm offline, it also has a complete inventory of the each and every graphic which load with ease. As far as I know, no other browser has this smart feature. Most likely Netscape with follow at some point because it is a very important and useful feature to have for any regular "websters." So, now you can forget those special third-part programs that do this job. It's right there in the browser and I strongly suggest you download a free copy and install it, at least for this function if nothing else. If you want to keep some other browser as your regular one, MSIE5.0 won't interfere and can quietly reside on your system for use as and when needed. Try it, you'll be amazed!

Don't worry, the articles won't take up much space on the hard disk, but they can be transferred to floppies if space is a problem (an entire monthly issue is only about 1 MB). Once saved to your hard disk, there are a couple of convenient ways of viewing the articles.First, you will be able to view offline in a web browser and the article will look exactly the same as the online copy, plus the hyperlinks still work as well to help navigate within the article to illustrations.

Or, the REAL
Easy Way!

cd_anim.gif (37733 bytes)

Be sure your browser is not set up to automatically dialup an internet connection on launch or, it will try to connect instead of loading your offline html document. Setup for manual connect instead. Also, be sure to set the browser to print both text and graphics.

Second, you may print out a copy to be bound easily in a three-ring binder or something similar. That way, you can easily transport your printed copy to read anywhere without a computer. But, of course, if you have a laptop computer, transfer copies of the articles from your hard disk to floppies or directly to the laptop's hard disk for electronic viewing elsewhere. Thus, you really have the best of all worlds with so many choices.

How to capture your permanent copy to the hard disk in just a few minutes!


Make a directory on your hard disk like C:\antenneX\Aug98 or C:\antenneX\Sep98 etc., so you can easily locate the articles by monthly issues.


Load an article of choice in your browser online at the antenneX web site from the Library or Archives. If you haven't yet subscribed, try this with the Preview Articles to see how easy it is.


To make this process really easy, beginning with the July 1998 issue, we have added a simple "print/save button" at the bottom of each article to load full page for printing and saving the article by name. To see the full path to the article, look up at the address slot of your browser. If you are using the MSIE5.0+ browser, simply reach up to the "File" menu and select "Save As.." and save to the appropriate directory on your hard disk. That's all you have to do! This smart new browser will save both the article text and all of the graphics! This is a great new feature available on this browser only as of the date of this writing and really solves the problem of saving to disk. If you don't have this browser, please continue to follow the rest of the instructions. However, please consider upgrading to the MSIE5.0+. It sure has made this process even easier and you would be done at this point!

Prior to July 1998, if the name of the article doesn't appear, the browser is not recognizing the article's main frame. In such case, enter the full path to the article in the URL address slot at the top of the browser and the article will appear full-screen. You'll see this path when moving the mouse pointer over the article's hyperlink title in the Table of Contents. Look at the bottom left to see this path and then add it above. It'll be something like: <>

This same technique applies if you can't print the article while online (Note: MSIE4.0+ makes this really simple and allows you to select which frame, or screen to print -- just press CTRL-P and the print dialogue box will pop up displaying the options.)


Now, right click your mouse pointer on each of the graphic illustrations. Another dialogue box will appear and select "save image as." Again, a "save as" dialogue box will appear with the proper name of the file already in the slot. NOW, THIS IS IMPORTANT! You must save these graphic files to the same directory \antenneX\xxxx or your browser won't find them when the article is loaded afterwards offline (Exception: If the "save images as" dialog box shows a subdirectory like "diagrams" or "images", let it save with that full path because some earlier articles used a subdirectory for the illustrations.).


While still online, load up MS Explorer (or Program Manager) and navigate to the \antenneX\xxxx directory. Then find the article's "htm" file, select it, double click the file or press enter. VOILA! The article should load up in your default browser and look just like the online version being viewed. Scroll through the article to make sure nothing is missing like a graphic. If intact, that's it. It is now a permanent record to keep forever! And... an entire month's issue can be saved to disk within 10 minutes, including loading time!

NOTE: We recommend, as a minimum, the use of either MS Internet Explorer 3.0+ or Netscape Navigator 3.0+. It's much better though, if you upgrade to 4.0+ versions of these browsers because they make the saving and printing much easier. Again all browsers don't act the same, and even these most popular ones do some things differently too. Most ISPs, including AOL and CompuServe are offering these browsers as alternatives to their own. The browsers continue to get better, so an upgrade will help you enjoy the full fruits of the internet.

II. Viewing Offline

Viewing offline is done as described above. Using MS Explorer (or Program Manager) navigate to the "\antenneX" directory and select the article of choice. Double click the mouse, or press enter to load the article in your default browser. If you are using the browsers of AOL or CompuServe, etc., your computer may not know what to do with the "htm" file. In this case, we recommend you download a free copy of either one of the MSIE3.0+/NS3.0+ browsers (again 4.0+ preferred) and install. Then, your computer will see that browser and load up the article for offline viewing. Also, if you have Microsoft Word 97 installed with the "HTML" features, it will also load up the articles.

III. Printing Online or Offline

Another option if you just want to print while online, use the command "select all" (or CTRL-A) in the browser's "Edit" menu and should see everything selected in the article. Then use the print command, CTRL-P.

To print offline, while viewing the article offline in a browser as described above, simply give the print command and the article with illustrations will print out (again, make sure the browser is set up to print both text and graphics). That's all there is to it!

III. antenneX on CD-ROM

Finally, if you want to avoid the hassle entirely, then an alternative is to consider obtaining the latest "antenneX on CD-ROM" version available in the BookShelf section in the Shopping Shack. The CD-ROM is organized completely with links to all of the hundreds of articles similar to the way they are set up online. Just insert it in your CD drive and it loads itself starting with the familiar front page of antenneX.  A new CD-ROM is published approximately every six months with all of the back issues as of that date. Thanks and enjoy the magazine!