• How the site works & navigation
    At the end of each month, the existing issue is moved to the archives being replaced by a new month's issue. The "expiring" issue is moved to the latest archive. Archive VIII (#8) is the latest archive and works back from there with Archive I containing the oldest articles.

    In the archives, if you move your mouse over the article links in the Table of Contents and look down to the bottom left of your browser, you will see the relative dates as part of the "path" or URL. The ones at the top of Archive VIII is the latest past issue.

    Thus, the Library of "New Issues" contains just that, except the monthly columns are not moved to the archives. They remain in the Library. The Libary, the Archives and the Guest Rooms are loosely referred to as "reading rooms."

    Each archive and the Library each contain their own search and only search within that "room." This is because readers have separate subscriptions and are thus confined to just that room.

    The Guest Rooms contains an overall search because it is free to roam by all.

    There is consistency if once you learn the site, which indeed is huge. Be patient, it just takes a bit of time to learn.

  • How can I keep a permanent copy of the articles?
    In just a few minutes, you can easily copy an entire month's issue to your Hard Disk and/or print out the articles so you can carry them around just you may like to do with paper articles. How to do this is described in great detail in another section How to Print/Save. If it's still a hassle for you, then perhaps you may want to consider acquiring a copy of the new antenneX on CD-ROM. It contains a copy of all of the same articles found online in the Archives, complete with working links for viewing onscreen and print outs whenever needed. It's a great permanent reference source and will work on any OS that can operate a browser to read HTML. If you just want certain subjects, separate CD-ROMs are available for each of Archive I and Archive II.

  • ? How can I make the pages print out evenly without splitting the graphics? Webmasters and designers use various font sizes when doing layouts which may or may not be the same as what you are using on the browser. Formatting will change depending on the size of font used on your browser. Also, not all printers will print the same either so use "Print Preview" first before printing. If you are not happy where the page breaks for the print-out, then go into your browser's "Page Setup" under the "File" menu and alter the margins. If that doesn't adjust sufficiently without splitting the graphic, then adjust the "font" size to larger or smaller in the browser. Then go back to the "Print Preview" and "Page Setup" views to check again..

  • Can I access the Reading Rooms from another computer?
    Yes, any computer in the world with access to the Internet can access the various Reading Rooms as long as you know your login

  • I lost or misplaced my password, how do I get help?
    Just use our special forms for this. There are two methods. See which one will work best for you.

    However, if your user name is not an active email address, you will need to use Method #2.
    Click for password request forms.

  • What Operating System do I need?
    ANY operating system will work as long as it can launch a browser that reads HTML.

  • What screen resolutions are best for viewing?
    The pages are optimized for 800x600 screen resolution, however, 640x480 and 1024x768 will work too. The formatting layout of the pages will differ somewhat though. You can change that too by rolling your mouse wheel in/out on most standard browsers. You will find the text size changes while the graphics stay fixed in size which is why the layout changes on HTML. The text takes up more or less space on the page.

  • What browser should be used?
    We recommend using MSIE5.0+ browser, however, MSIE3.0+ and Netscape3.0+ will work although some things may appear a little differently because the browsers are not created equally. They do not see some things the same way and you usually won't know that unless you compare browsers. Both MSIE and Netscape will reside on your system if you have the Disk space. It's usually a good idea to have both just in case you run into something that doesn't appear to be working right. Shut down one browser and load the other and then see if things clear up. You would be surprised how many problems are simply browser-related.

  • The Font size appears too small or large?
    We do not use a small font size for most text, but standardize on the use of "medium" size font, which is a 12 point size if picked in your wordprocessor. Again, the font size can be adjusted right on your browser setup. In MSIE5.0 in the "View" menu at the top of the browser, you will find a "Text Size" selection, with sub-selection menu of "Largest, Larger, Medium, Smaller, and Smallest". Choose "Medium" if you want to view the text as it was intended. Or pick an even larger one if desired, however, changing font size from medium will cause the original layout of the pages for the text and graphics to change in many cases. Screen resolution will affect the appearance of the font size too. High screen resolution will make the text and graphics look smaller.

  • The color of the Font can't be seen against the background?
    Any unreadable text because of the text color being lost in the color of the background (yellow text on white for example) may be because the background and text default colors have been altered on your browser. Check the setup for text and background colors to see if they have been changed to a custom color. Otherwise, experiment with changes to the colors until you can see everything okay. In setting up the pages, we do not use any contrast that would cause the text to be unreadable.

  • I can't load up a section of the website?
    As long as you are able to bring up any part of our website, all content is viewable from the server side, with exception of the sections requiring a subscription. Almost without exception, anytime you try to launch a page and get an error instead, it is usually due to a corrupted copy the browser is trying to view from the cache on your Hard Disk, or perhaps in a cache on another server in between us and your location. When you first visit a website, your computer downloads copies of the pages and graphics and keeps them in a file called "cache". The next time you visit, your browser looks to the cache for copies so you experience a quicker loading time. So, the most common solution to clearing up a corrupted copy problem is to "refresh" ("reload" or "shift+reload" in Netscape) your browser and force it to go get a fresh copy of the page or section you are trying to view. You can also have your browser clear out the cache entirely. If it's a cache on a system between your location and our server, then it's a matter until that system "flushes" its cache, which is usually only a few hours.

  • I type in a file URL & get error message "file not found"?
    UNIX is case sensitive. Make sure to type the path with all UPPER and lower case letters eXactly.

  • The entire article won't load?
    If you have already tried to solve the problem by "refreshing" the browser, the problem may be that you are running short of space on your Hard Disk. Windows OS needs room for a "swap disk" and usually wants a big chunk of space allocation on your Hard Disk. The OS moves data to and from RAM to "Virtual Memory" on the Hard Disk. If you don't have 25-50MB available for this, your system may slow down and also cause an inability to load full pages at some websites.

  • When I click to login, a login box does not appear!
    A server side does not produce a popup login box, but rather your own browser does that. And, it MUST be configured properly to furnish the popup box.

    As a couple of thing to check, you must have "cookies" enabled. How that is done is found in different locations on different browsers, so dig into your menus, preference  and options. Another item to check is the "security level." If you have it set too high, it may block the cookie acceptance too.

    Both of the above usually have defaults set so that cookies are accepted. However, they may not as security is being tightened on browsers.

  • My Login to the Reading Rooms doesn't work?
    If your subscription has not expired, then one of the most common reasons for login problems is incorrect entry of the Login. The Login is cAsE sensitive and one of the most common problems for that is improper use of UPPER or lower cAsE letters, so make sure the "Caps" lock is not turned on your keyboard. This best way to avoid errors in entry of the Login is to simply keep a record of Logins in a small text file with a shortcut to the file, perhaps on your desktop to be handy. (It's a good idea to keep all of your Logins and various registration numbers   this way and place a copy on a floppy disk for safe-keeping in case of a system crash.) Bring up the file, then copy and paste each of the username and password right into the Login box. Be careful not to copy an empty space at the beginning or end of your entries.

  • I've lost or forgot my Login - how can I get it?
    First, the most common problem is trying to login the wrong area. There are three (3) separate areas that require logins and the paid subscriber logins will not work in the other two unless you have created the logins to match, which you can do.

    Next, check our login help page which should answer login most questions

    If the above doesn't cover your unique problem, then, just e-mail us by clicking webmaster@antennex.com usually found at the bottom of almost every page of every section of the website. Or, e-mail support@antennex.com Be sure to provide sufficient info so we may identify you in our database, e.g., First & Last Name, Callsign if you have one, the e-mail address you had when signing up, etc.

  • Do I need a separate Login for the Library and each Archive?
    No, if you signed up for all Reading Rooms, the same Login will work for each Room. However, you will be asked for the Login at each one. If you use MSIE browser, it "remembers" the Login and usually will automatically appear in the Login box after the first time you entered the info. Netscape usually pops up with an empty box and you will need to re-enter the info each time.

  • My Login works the Library but not for the Archives?
    Check to see if you signed up for the Library only. If you purchased subscription for the Library of New Issues Only, then you will not have access to the Archive Reading Rooms. Otherwise, if you purchased a full subscription, the Login should work okay. You should then check the info being entered as explained previously under My Login to the Reading Rooms doesn't work?

  • How do I submit an article & what is comp if accepted?
    We have a section dedicated to this very subject and may be viewed in the "Write for Us" section on this website.

  • I can't load your Secure Website Order Form?
    Our Secure Website is behind a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), also referred to as "Netscape encryption." Your browser must be SSL enabled to enter the website and you should check your browser's setup to see if it has been enabled for this feature.

  • What is a "SSL Secure Website"?
    SSL allows a Web browser to securely communicate with our Secure Website through an encrypted session. SSL is often used to transfer credit card numbers and other sensitive information which cannot be viewed by others. Once you click on a link to an SSL site, you will see a dialogue box pop up advising you that you are entering a Secure Website. Also, you will notice the URL address changes from HTTP to HTTPS and see a "locked" icon on your browser, usually somewhere at the bottom tray.

  • I get a warning your Security Certificate is Expired?
    As strange as that may seem, some older browsers incorrectly display out of date info on Security Certificates. For instance, effective January 1, 2000 Netscape 4.0 and below will do that. Upgrade your browser to MSIE5.0+ and Netscape4.7+ and you will not see this incorrect warning. Instead, your browser will cause a popup dialogue to appear with assurance you are about to enter a "secure connection" when you click on any of our links to the online Order Forms.

    Windows 2000 has a bug too that will cause most browsers to show a warning box that the "certificate name does not match". The bug is to be fixed in an upcoming SR patch soon to be released.

  • Your Order Form won't let me pass after submitting it?
    Although most of the fields are without any constraints, some of the most important fields have "validations" in the cells requiring essential information be entered as correctly as possible. When clicking on "Submit" a dialogue box pops up with a message about any error in the data entered. Please read that message closely. Also, you will see the cursor "I-beam" blinking in the field with the particular problem. With so many different countries using different methods for Postal Codes, Phone Numbers, etc., it is possible the field simply wants info that just doesn't fit your country style and may be asking for something that appears inappropriate. In such case, suggest adding or leaving off the offending digit and the form will be happy.

  • You announced the new issue has been just published but I still see the old one?
    This means you are either looking at the old copy your browser has stored in the cache on your hard disk, or one or more of the Global Internet caches between you and our server has not yet been flushed which is usually done every few hours by default. To see if it's your browser cache, click on the "Refresh" button at the top menu of the MSIE browser to force your browser to go get the new copy from our server. It's called "Reload" on Netscape browsers and you may need to use "shift+reload" to force this browser to go get a fresh copy from our server. If that doesn't work, then it's most likely one of the Global caches and you will have to wait for them to flush.