aboutx.jpg (7541 bytes)What a wonderful Web we weave! Not unlike amateur radio, Internet technology opens up lines of direct person-to-person communication all around the world. This serves to bring the planet a little closer together and make for a friendlier place.

antenneX, which stands for for antenna eXperimentation, is a natural fit within this same environment in its purpose to serve the business of communications throughout the globe. Ham operators endeavor to make contact with others around the world and antenneX provides a central place for everyone to readily discuss their experiences with problems and/or successes in this field of radio signals. After all, what good is all of the best radio equipment available without an effective antenna system? But, you will find a broad range of radio-related subjects covered here. Not only the antenna, but the entire system from antenna to transmitter/receiver is discussed and how to create ways to improvise with other important components to make things more cost-effective and efficient.

haviet.gif (18911 bytes)The articles and editorials in this exciting online magazine are thought-provoking and are aimed at accelerating your accumulation of knowledge about one of the most important aspects of amateur and commercial radio. And of course,one of the best features of an online journal is the ability to not only view the magazine online, but you can also print out the articles or save to disk for later offline viewing! That way you have a permanent copy.

One of this magazine's main goals is to provide a place for the exchange of ideas and publication of antenna and radio-related subjects from all parts of the globe so we can all share and learn how things are done from various viewpoints in this ever-shrinking world. We are happy to say this goal is being met quite well with writers from some 25 or more countries now represented in the thousands of pages in this magazine. Our readership now covers more than 220 countries!

Every month there is a From the Shack column is primarily for "Guest Editorials" to provide a podium for our readers to voice their opinions to the rest of the world too. This is a chance for readers to get on their "soapbox" and speak about antenna and radio-related subjects. Don't miss these interesting views about anything and everything about radio and antenna systems!

Another monthly column Antenna Design & Use is authored by Justin Johnson, G0KSC who does in fact design and install antennas in many parts of the world. Here's a real hands-on expert with years of experience in this field. Following this column will be helpful especially to those pondering a new antenna project. Examples of how to model the designs will appear at times as well. There is something here for just about everyone wishing to know more about how antennas are created, tested and used.

We are especially pleased about the regular monthly column Antenna Modeling by L.B. Cebik, W4RNL. LB also makes  various feature contributions of radio-related articles to the monthly issues and is our Technical Editor. Sadly, LB passed away in April 2008 although his new articles still appear through mid-2010 from our advance-article storage.

Our magazine about antennas and radio-related subjects would certainly not be complete without coverage on the subject of propagation — the very basics of communications. Yes, indeed, we have another fine monthly column specifically on this subject called Propagation, written by our regular columnist, Marcel H. De Canck, ON5AU of Belgium. After running 7 years and 3 months, this column ended with the June 2009 issue. Marcel believed he had exhausted this subject of propagation, and now contributes a monthly series of features articles on Practical Antennas.

But we haven't stopped there! We're proud of yet another regular monthly column Ham WorkShop written by various members of our writing team about clever how-to radio stuff!

Robert Gulley, AK3Q another member of  our writer team, contributes a regular antenna column along with his monthly series, "The Radio Corner" which, as  the title implies, focuses on all manner of radio activities to encourage antenna building all the more!

On the other end of the spectrum, if you enjoy theory and mathematics, we have that covered too with the monthly contributions by Kirk T. McDonald, Professor of Physics at Princeton University.

A new author joining us comes from Romania! Nicolae Crisan, YO5OUC, is a Professor at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca UTCN) and was just recently elected deputy dean of the ETTI-Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology faculty. Nicolae is currently writing a series on Shortening Antennas with many creative ideas!

Another knowledgeable writer joined our regular team after making several earlier contributions to the magazine. A retired NASA scientist and long-term Ham, L. Harold Allen, W4MMC is a tremendous source of technical information and we are glad he agreed to make it available here. Harold is a true rocket scientist! Harold was a big help to us in editing a couple of our book publications authored by the Russian author, Igor Grigorov. Sadly, Harold became an SK on August 1, 2012.

A column written by Publisher, Jack L. Stone and aptly called Stone's Throw! is presented monthly, among other things, to keep readers informed about this journal's progress, new technical developments, plans for the future, and to introduce the authors and their subjects in each month's new issue.

Plus, you will find the works of numerous other interesting authors representing amateur and commercial radio for more than 25 countries such as Andre Saunders, GM3VLB (Scotland), Morris Jones, AD6ZH, Alan Boswell (UK), Jacques Audet, VE2ADX (Canada), Dragoslav Dobričić, YU1AW (Serbia), Ian Hopkins, G4WUH (UK), Eli Kovo, 4X4LH (Israel), Augie "Gus" Hansen, KB0YH, Robert Gulley, AK3Q, Edward J. Shortridge, W4JOQ, Rudy Severns, N6LF, Martin Steyer, DK7ZB, Stephen B Hajducek, N2CKH, Kevin Schmidt, W9CF, Kenneth Macleish, W7TX, Bill Graham, VE3ETK (Canada), Luiz Amaral, PY1LL/PY4LC (Brazil), Robert K. Zimmerman (Canada), J.M. Bourdereau, MD, F5LCI (France), Vadim Demidov (Russia), Claudio Re, I1RFQ (Italy), Arnie Coro, CO2KK (Cuba), Valentin Trainotti (Argentina), Jack Belrose, PhD, VE2CV, (Canada), Dr. Kirk T. McDonald, (Princeton), Dr. Haim Matzner, (Israel), F.M. Griffee, N4FG, Grant Bingeman, KM5KG, Dr. Dan Handelsman, N2DT, Dr. David Jefferies (UK), Fred E. Ellis, AC5SO, Rod Brink, KQ6F, L. Harold Allen, W4MMC (formally with NASA & JPL), Fathi Kabbary (Egypt), Igor Grigorov, RK3ZK (Russia), Prof. Maurice C. Hately (Scotland), GM3HAT, Dr. Brian G. Stewart, MM1DVD (Scotland), Ralph Holland, VK1BRH (Australia), Tom Cox, KA5NEE, Joel Hungerford, KB1EGI, Dr. Jef Verborgt, Pascal Veeckmans, ON4CFC (Belgium), Dave Cuthbert, WX7G, William C. (Bill) Miller, KT4YE, Phil Harman, VK6APH, Edward Lawrence, WA5SWD, Robert Wilson, AL7KK, August Hoecker, W8MIA, Heikki Antman, OH2BGC (Finland), Hakan Widenstedt (Sweden), Werner Hodlmayr, DL6NDJ (Germany), Juergen Schaefer, DL7PE (Germany), Dan Richardson, K6MHE, Hannes Coetzee, ZS6BZP (South Africa), Uni Gran, LA6RHA/JW6RHA/JX6RHA (Norway), Osmo Tiinanen,OH8MT, (Finland), Jim Gray, W1XU (SK), John R. Somers, KC3YB, Ben Smith, W4KSY, Ron Nott, K5YNR, Ted Hart, W5QJR, W.R. Booher, W6TM, Howard Cann, KA3MRX, James G. Lee, W6VAT, Glenn Thomas, W5INU, Lawrence Earl, N7VF, Wilfred Caron (SK), Bill Nogues, W5GVE, William Lee, N5WRX, Jean-Nicol Dube, VE2BPD (Canada), Mel Murphey, W6VEJ, Bob Lanning, W6OPO, Dudley Chapman, WA1X, Jim Westbrook, K1FD, Scott Harwood, K4VWK and Roger J. Hoffman, WB9BXT  to mention just a few. Some are well-known inventors, many do research and all are experimenters in one way or another. (Those without countries noted are USA.)

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cd_anim.gif (37733 bytes)If you prefer to read offline, check out the latest antenneX on CD-ROM with articles from the past issues now available in the Shopping Shack. They contain almost an exact copy of the content as viewed now online through June 2012 inside the thirteen (13) Reading Rooms, the Library, Archive I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI & XII. Just slip into your computer's CD player & launch automatically (using AutoPlay feature) to view offline. It's your permanent copy! No more fussing to print/save & organize -- or, a login. You can still print if you like. All the files are on the CD. For more info see: CD-ROM

Antennas are your link to the world! 

Regardless of what kind of radio, or how expensive it is, the one thing it must have is an antenna to enable it to work. No matter how much money invested, your money will be wasted unless you have a decent antenna connected to your equipment. That is where antenneX� comes in. antenneX� is about antennas and related subjects, such as propagation, feed lines, ground systems, and of course, antennas of all sorts. Our primary goal is to provide a place for exchange of information and publish some thought-provoking ideas about ways to get out the strongest signal possible for specific needs. And, if one reads our articles with an open mind, who knows what solutions may be found to make this hobby even more fun. Our articles are written by some of the leading authorities on the subject.

antenneX� was originally published as a paper version beginning in 1988 and its readership quickly spread to some 45 countries within 12 months! The subscribers grew to some 14,000 and they loved this magazine as shown by such rapid growth around the world. The paper version has been discontinued because it was just too costly to distribute worldwide. But, the Internet now makes it possible to bring this exciting publication ONLINE for the entire world at an affordable cost.

Each month, 10-11 new articles are available for viewing online, complete with the diagrams and other data to enable you to duplicate any antenna you might wish to build from an article. There are articles about magnetic antennas, phased antennas, simple beams, verticals, mobile antennas and many other interesting things pertaining to antennas and radio propagation. There are articles about antennas only designed on a computer and are conceptual. (Some content is in streaming audio and/or video.) This is the controversial area of antenna eXperimentation! ....thus antenneX�

We encourage anyone to ask questions using our Antenna Discussion list for others to see and perhaps contribute an answer or answers. No matter what your interest is, swl, cb, satcom, scanners, broadcast or amateur radio, a good antenna can make the difference in how much enjoyment you can have with your equipment, what you can hear and how well you can hear it. No matter if you are new to the radio hobby or have been around in the field for years, there will be something for everyone to enjoy and learn.

All of the construction articles are about antennas easily duplicated by anyone with simple hand tools and materials that can be purchased anywhere. antenneX� is meant for the beginning experimenter, as well as the old hand at the game. Most of the antennas described are either made from wire or aluminum tubing and will make a definite improvement in your signal reception and/or transmission. However, keep in mind, no matter what we do with our antennas we are still at the mercy of the ionosphere and propagation, and there are several articles dealing with this subject. There are no guarantees in life or antennas!

There are many unknowns in the antenna world and if you have any experience with strange or unusual antennas, others would like to know about it, so sharing information is also part of our services and contributions will be appreciated and considered for publication. Simply upload your articles with any diagrams or other data to webmaster@antennex.com

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