Probable Cause/Solution

1 I click on PDF file to load & nothing happens Adobe Acrobat Reader is not installed – go to Adobe website and download free copy of latest version.
2 I load PDF file and get error messages You don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5.0+. You have an earlier version. To check this, launch the Reader, go to “Help” then look at “About” to see version.
3 I load PDF file online and can’t print right All of the pages must be loaded before printing. Click on each page first to see if they have loaded.
4 Some graphics or whole page is missing??? That usually has to do with available memory on your machine, or writing to the screen. If that persists, close other programs, or save the PDF to your hard disk and load it offline as further discussed below.
5 The file loads too slow online This is usually caused by a slow modem or ISP connection. Internet congestion can affect speed too even with fast connections locally. Instead of waiting for the PDF to load & view online, choose "save to disk" when prompted by your system on what you want to do. Then open the file with Adobe Reader & read offline.
6 I have the file loaded online okay, but can’t save it. Click on the little “floppy disk” icon on the Acrobat Reader lower menu (upper left over document) and a box will pop up asking where to save on your hard disk. (See graphic below)
7 Best ways to navigate the article? If you find scrolling too slow for you, then use upper arrows:
"|<" ">" "<"  ">|" (See graphic below.)
to move to next pages or to end of document with a single click. OR, click on the "Show/Hide Navigation Pane" icon just to right of printer icon on lower menu to reveal Bookmarks in a frame to left which allows quick navigation to main locations and illustrations.
8 If all else fails Your computer or the Adobe Reader may be mis-configured, or corrupted. If possible, try to view the PDF on another computer. At least that will tell you something.

Also, it is best to keep your Adobe Reader updated as they are usually backward compatible - but, not forward compatible from older versions.

Browser with Acrobat Reader Loaded
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