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dan.jpg (5559 bytes)NEC-Win Synth
Wire Grid Model Generating Software
An Antenna Modeler's Dream Tool

by Dan Richardson, K6MHE

This article is available in both HTML and PDF formats. There are advantages to both formats: HTML loads more quickly, but PDF holds the intended selection of font styles, formatting and prints correctly whereas HTML may not.

To read the PDF, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 installed to download and read the article. If you don't have Acrobat Reader 4.0 installed, it's available free for download at

Although the loading is a little slower (overall), some of the many advantages of the PDF format is it contains all of the article's intended formatting allowing proper printing of the article as seen on the screen. Further, it has the fonts embedded into the article, especially important when using a character set that may not be on the reader's computer, such as the Greek symbols used for equations. So, the reader can save and print the PDF article totally intact exactly as it was originally intended.

Other important features are, with Acrobat Reader, the reader can magnify (zoom in or out) the article to many different levels so that those superscripts or subscripts can be seen with total clarity. And if the reader wants to, the article can be rotated making it easy to view diagrams from different angles! The only main disadvantage that come to mind is that downloading and viewing may take a little longer, and has been the primary reason for using HTML for the articles exclusively heretofore. However, with Internet connection speeds increasing, the downloading is becoming less of a problem and certainly now the advantages outweigh this one factor.

Many have asked over the years that we do PDF versions of the articles, but we just couldn't do both as it would double the workload. The extra workload notwithstanding, at least some of the articles in each issue will be provided in both formats, but all will continue to be provided in the HTML mode so that those who have subscribed expecting HTML will continue to have the option. Remember our motto: We aim to please!

NEC-Win Synth
by Dan Richardson, K6MHE

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