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INTRODUCTION: Please be aware this introduces a completely new concept in antenna theory. In fact, this is considered the most important development relative to antennas in this century. It is so pervasive that a series of articles are required to cover the concept and its applications to the depth and extent it deserves. This is the first publication about the Crossed-Field Antenna (CFA) in the U.S.A. Even as you read this, there are continuing developments in the application of this concept. antenneX has more than a dozen articles about the CFA, including four construction articles (complimented by several more building experiments of ham band versions by our readers from around the globe), plus a look at the actual CFA 1992 and 1995 versions of Tanta Station operated in Egypt. This is followed up by a tour of 10 of Dr. Kabbary's 17 more recent CFA broadcast stations in operation in Egypt and Australia. A further note of interest is the Isle of Man, UK has chosen to install a CFA longwave broadcast station rather than a 845-foot (260m) tower as proposed by others (see message below). The articles are in the Reading Rooms now. antenneX is sharing the inventor's NAB99 paper as presented last April 1999 at the Las Vegas convention, along with two additional parts of this exciting series. To read more, goto: Subscribe or the entire series of 15 articles is now available for direct download from this website or may be purchased on diskettes. Click to See.

This message was received recently confirming the Isle of Man CFA broadcast station has been approved by provisional license. This pending installation was mentioned in this month's issue of antenneX "Tour of Dr. Kabbary's CFA Stations."

".....the government of the Isle of Man these days awarded a longwave license (279 kHz) to the Isle of Man International Broadcasting Company (IMIBC) on condition that a CFA will be used. There were 3 applicants for this service but IMIBC got the contract because (extract from a press release): offered a superior technical solution to the environmentally sensitive issue of the transmitting aerial required for broadcasting on long wave.

This group intends to use a crossed-field antenna which not only significantly reduces the visual intrusion of the transmitting aerial (approx. 25 to 30 metres high as opposed to 260 metres for a conventional mast) but is also intrinsically safer as regards the effects of the induction field. .......... This provisional license will be granted on the basis that only the crossed field antenna technology can be used. Once full planning permission is obtained then the Commission will grant a substantive 10 year license under the Broadcasting Act 1993 of Tynwald to Isle of Man International Broadcasting Company Ltd.

Note: The above text was cited on the reflector of the Medium Wave Circle (UK)." 73s, Jack, antenneX

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